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About + Legal


FakeMail is a spoof email sender that was made as a side project by an anonymous programmer. It is not meant to be used for malicious intentions, and is just meant to be an online tool to prank your friends. In order to get this to work, we simply use the PHP mail() function in order to take advantage of the insecure structure email, in which we change the headers to what we want. We are better than our competition because:

  • our emails are marked as legitimate to the senders
  • we do not put a watermark on our emails
  • our service is free without registering for an account
  • our interface is easy to use and our servers are secure

For developers: if you want to learn how to send spoof emails for yourself, you can click here. Our site is built off of Google's material design, and we use Google reCAPTCHA, but we are not affiliated with Google in any way, shape, or form.


If a service like ours is not used for malicious purposes, it is fully legal. If the user uses a service like this for malicious purposes, they are violating our terms of service (in which they agree to before sending the email) and the US law, but this action is not rendered our fault. A violation in the terms of service, if caught, will result in an IP ban (we track IPs and messages), and may be reported to higher authorities depending on the severety of the crime.